John Terry, the armband and a plea to Fabio Capello

So John Terry has been stripped of the England captaincy by the FA. While I am happy to see a person I despise humbled I cannot help but think he has every right to feel a little hard-done by. The FA has gone over Fabio Capello’s head. While the Italian has consistently stated that his captain’s position is innocent until proven guilty the bigwigs have gone above him and removed the armband.

Should John Terry ever play for England again?

Hang on a minute … What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Isn’t that meant to be the case with our justice system? How come JT gets punished for something he may well be found innocent of? Seems a little unfair.

Ok, so I don’t believe he’s innocent. And I massively dislike the guy. But what is the FA

playing at? This is not a managerial decision. It has been made to avoid embarrassment. If Capello believes Terry presence won’t affect his teams performances then that is his call, not the FA’s. Evidently the FA doesn’t trust Capello to make the right choice.

Underlying all this (and possibly the only thing that enables me to stomach standing up for the repugnant Terry) is the fact that he should not be playing for England anyway. For one thing we have been here before. How Terry was ever allowed to resume the captaincy I will never know. For a man of his dubious morals to be allowed to represent his country after his original disgrace is astounding.

Regardless of this he is not good enough.

Phil Jones is just one of several young Englishmen who deserve a chance ahead of the disgraced John Terry

All this arguing and bickering becomes totally irrelevant if Capello has the sense to see what to me is a blinding glimpse of the obvious. That Terry is even being considered for the national side just shows the calibre of manager and person Capello is.

I can think of a large number of English centre-backs who have out-performed Terry in the Premiership this season. And all of them don’t arrive with the same baggage and potential to disrupt.

Phil Jones, Jagielka, Lescott, Cahill and Dawson all deserve an England place ahead of the disgraced captain and when you then consider Ferdinand, Tomkins, Johnson (Roger), King and Smalling you can’t help but wonder why we are putting ourselves through this.

Capello has some difficult decisions to make, something he has not proved adept at in the past

The answer Capello, is quite straightforward. Write Terry off. Don’t pick him. Set an example and don’t make enemies. If he is proven innocent the very worst thing you have done is offend the player himself and as we’ve established his past discretions show he probably deserves it.

The England team deserve a chance without the shadow of Terry. With him not there we can get on with the task in hand – winning some football games in July.

Got an opinion? Post a comment and I’ll do my best to respond.


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So which January gambles have paid off?

It is now getting to the stage in the season when we can look back at the frenetic chaos that is the end of the January transfer window and see which last-minute managerial gambles have proven successful…. And which haven’t.

January transfers are often strange and confusing

Since the introduction of the January transfer window managers have over-paid on deadline day to fill gaps in their squads. The most entertaining situations occur when you have a see-saw triangle situation where one player only leaves a club if another moves from his. It makes for some rather bizarre to-ing and fro-ing which fascinates yet frustrates at the same time.

This past window was no different.

So which players have settled in their new clubs, who hasn’t and what of the  future? I’m not going to pass my eye over everyone, just the select few who I can be bothered to mention. I shall not be talking about Dean Sturridge for instance because no one cares about Bolton.

Well starting with the hammers it looks like old Demba Ba has proven a right coup.

No you're a better signing... No you're a better signing... Stop it you two.

 Four goals so far and his enthusiasm and energy are paying dividends. No coincidence our fortunes seem to have improved since the Senegalese striker pulled on the claret and blue.

Wayne Bridge seems to have cemented his place at left back. Probably more due to his high salary and lack of competition then any performance-based criteria. The former England left-sider needs to pick up his game to win over the fans.

Thomas Hitzelsperger has been like a new signing and it is my opinion that it has been his contribution as much as Demba Ba’s that has heralded our resurgence. He allows West Ham to play three across the midfield and his deep-lying quarterback-esque pin-point passing has proved the perfect foil for Scotty (hero) Parker and Noble.


A Chelski it doesn’t take a genius to see Fernando has flopped… so far. It’s obvious he hasn’t played well since before the World Cup. One might say what a waste of £50

I tried to find one of him celebrating but couldn't

 million but he’s still in his prime and if he starts banging them in the Blues will be laughing. At the other end of the pitch David Luiz seems to have settled in nicely. He seems a calm and talented defender.

At Liverpool Suarez looks to have settled in. Dangerous and tricky, shame I’ll never forgive him for THAT handball against Ghana (well mostly for having the gall to celebrate). I suspect he will do well – another reason to hate Liverpool then. It is my opinion that Andy Carrol is a lump. He’s not worth £35 million but he’s effective and as a piece of business Liverpool did well. Two quality strikers in exchange for one who hasn’t played well for more than a year? Regardless of the numbers involved that’s good business for anyone.

Who have I missed? Bent, Martins, Dzeko? let me know what you think.

I’ll leave you with the reason Suarez doesn’t sit with me. Or Uruguay for that matter.

ll do a job winning the ball in the air. Like a Peter Crouch who’s good in the air!

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So how’s this blooming league going to finish?

Wotcha peeps.

I do intend to go into a bit more detail about the Hammers’ outlook, especially as the business end of the season looms ever larger on the horizon, but here’s a bit of a brief summary. As always, let me know what you think.

Will Der Hammer be the one to lead West Ham to survival?

 Agree with me or not?

My pre-season relegation predictions were Wolves, Wigan and Blackpool. As the season progressed my situation became precarious. Not only were my predictions simply not panning out, what was worse was that it became obvious West Ham, were up to their necks in the relegation dog fight.

After a season thus far of anguish and considerable disbelief I can safely say I’m sticking by my guns. West Ham will stay up and Blackpool, Wigan and Wolves will go down.

Blackpool, while entertaining, have had their bubble burst. They were fun while they lasted but as far as I’m concerned the Tangerines can bugger off back to the Championship where they belong. I’ll miss old Holloway’s face and hilarious Bristol accent on MOTD – But hopefully he’ll be snapped up by a Premier League team in the near future.

I believe Man United will take the title, mainly by dint of being the least shite. In reality the top teams have been an utter dissappointment over the past two years. They’ve lost class players and replaced them with decent ones. To some extent the rise of City and Spurs has been aided by the decline of Chelski and United. Don’t get me started on Arsene Wenger’s Paedo army.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back with greater detail at some point.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite moments from the funniest man in football (if you discount Peter Crouch). Laters

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DOB is back

Super, super Scott

That’s right, after a lengthy sojourn the Descendant of Bobby is back.

It’s been a while since I last posted but stay tuned for updates, thoughts and opinions on everything West Ham and football based.

It’s getting towards the end of the season and things are getting a bit dicey down the bottom. I believe we’re playing well enough to beat the drop but the league is much tighter this year.

Regardless of the outcome I’ll be there watching, crying and tearing my hair out. Oh the joys of being a hammer. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Laters, DOB x

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Check out me t’other blog!

As World Cup frenzy increases and excitement reaches fever-pitch (banging out the cliches) I have decided to put my standard Descendant of Bobby football blog on hold and concentrate all my attention on the upcoming World Cup.

You can find my World Cup musings at the aptly titled messiwithyourmind blog.

For now I recommend watching this video, it’s enough to give you goosepimples.


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West Ham Wage Sheet

Many of you may have seen this wage sheet kicking around over the past couple of weeks. I feel I must pay it some attention, if only to attempt to calm down the hysteria.

Click for a larger image

The apparent wage bill: Probably not that far from the truth

West Ham instantly denied the validity of the documant, saying:

“West Ham United can confirm the newspaper article published this morning in the Daily Star, relating to alleged player and staff wages is not based on any club document, the figures contained within it are totally inaccurate and the document is a hoax.”

Nevertheless, it is probably at the very least a fair guess at the current wage structure. The document, false or not, was greeted with outcry and horror from many corners, but really, get serious, are there any real surprises? People who don’t know football should wind their necks in. Barring a few anomalies (Dyer, Gabbidon, McCarthy and Boa Morte) the majority of the players are recieving a standard Premiership wage. And some of the youngsters are on a comparative shoe string.

I’m not going into a debate about footballer’s wages now, simply saying this is how it is. Let’s have a look at the Manchester City, Chelsea or Real Madrid wages. What about footballing wages worldwide? I appreciate the comparison is slighlty extreme but if you’e going to take the anti-football angle then it is just money for kicking a football around.

Still…. £70,000 for Kieron fucking Dyer? Bloody Hell…

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Survival of the least shite: how West Ham might survive

Sir Scotty Parker: Warrior extraordinaire

Gianfranco. How you still have a job I’m not sure.

This may seem bleak but let’s not fool ourselves. West Ham are a pile of crap at the moment.

The last two games we have had full teams and have not turned up.We have looked average going forward, causing a few problems, but at the back we look like we’re made of balsa wood. Bearing in mind we have an England international and an England U21 international this seems quite unbelieveable. Okay James Tomkins is still young but at the moment Matty Upson seems intent on playing his way off the plane to South Africa. Even myself, as biased as I am, would take Shawcross over him.

Madness: Allessandro Diamanti

When the defence is as shoddy as it is now the midfield cannot settle, Kovac spends the entire time looking over his shoulder and let’s be honest, he rarely inspires me with the greatest confidence. Scotty Parker is proving himself a real hero, aided by a few cameos from a few other players, he is our only real hope of getting anything from our remaining games. ‘Sir Scotty’ a possible  nickname? I never thought I’d say it but I wish we still had Lucas Neil, now that man could hand out a bollocking! No one else seems capable. Matty and Scotty aren’t particularly vocal. The only possibility would be Diamanti, and all you’d get from him is an isane half-Italian load of gibberish – The man’s a loon! (best left-foot in the league though).

It is my belief at the moment that we are playing the football of a championship bound team. I truly hope Zola turns it around but my hunches are normally fairly accurate. In my opinion (as over-inflated as it is) the only way we will survive is because somehow there are three teams worse then us. Seriously, in the league many self-obsessed people call the best in the world (deluded) there are three teams who are truly awful…….

Gianfranco, you’ve got the players please make them perform. That is your job after all. As nice a guy as you are I don’t think you are quite capable of turning on the hairdryer – and that maybe what’s needed. I hope you prove me wrong but I seem to be saying that on a lot of my posts recently.

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